The Treasurer of Australia

The Hon Peter Costello

Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600


Dear Minister Costello,

I am writing to make it clearly known to you, that I totally reject the proposal of building any kind of an airport at Badgerys Creek.

I live within the city of Fairfield. It is quite apparent from viewing the year 2000 UBD road map of Sydney, that your Government is considering most to build an airport at Badgerys Creek on the option A alignment. Have you read chapter 20 of the EIS supplement, which clearly shows that this is the worst of the proposed options?

It is also equally apparent from the flight path maps in the EIS supplement (chapter 20) and the night time noise impact map of aircraft on the ground on pg 9-5 of the supplement, that the noise effects of this airport will be of nightmarish proportions on the people of Fairfield. Given this impact, could you please explain how it is that a mysterious red line has been drawn around the cities of Fairfield, Liverpool and Bankstown (fig 30 - 34 of the first purple covered EIS summary) which has therefore apparently excluded us from the statistical base of the EIS. Could you also please explain why these people were included in the statistical base of the EIS for option B at Holsworthy even though only the cross runway is directed towards us, and at a long distance away?

Most importantly though Sir, I wish to make it known that I believe that an airport at Badgerys Creek would be a massive mistake of planning. The quality of our water in Lake Burragorang, and our air in the Sydney basin must remain clean and viable for our children and all other future generations, and an airport at Badgerys Creek will destroy that chance for our children. The massive residential and industrial development which would accompany this proposed airport is also against every other environmental report generated for western Sydney. Might we remind you that the "South Creek Valley Sector" proposal for a high intensity industrial and urban development (in the area surrounding the proposed airport site) was knocked out by the State Government EIS process because of it’s impact on air and water quality. It seems quite wrong that it should re-appear in the EIS for the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport. Why has it?

It is absolutely apparent that the Badgerys Creek airport proposal is wrong in almost every respect. It represents a serious imposition on all of the people of Sydney apart from a small handful of powerful businessmen and politicians. The church has come out against the proposed airport as has the teachers federation, amongst many other organisations, as well as the genuine people of Sydney itself.

We deserve the right to a decent life. This is our basic right as human beings, and as taxpaying and voting Australians. Please do not continue with this airport proposal and force us into having to lie in front of bulldozers to protect ourselves from this proposed airport - this would be very wrong. Economic benefit is being touted as the reason as to why we must have an airport at Badgerys Creek. Might I point out that no matter where an airport should be built, genuine jobs for Australians will be created.

I remind you that the names of our current Federal politicians (you) will go down in history as those who made the decision about Badgerys Creek. Please make sure that your name goes down in history as one who stood up for the right of the common Australian rather than one bent by the considerable forces of greedy business and economic benefit alone, which is wrong.

This is a genuine letter of protest from a genuine person. Please respond to me at your earliest convenience so that I may know that you have received my letter to you.


Yours faithfully My address is;