F.R.A.A.N. Letter for Howard and Beazley

To: The letters editor, The Daily Telegraph

Re: An open letter regarding the proposed Badgerys Creek airport.

Date: 14th September, 1998

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr John Howard, and the leader of the opposition, Mr Kim Beazley.

Sirs’, for a great many years the people of Western Sydney have fought the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport. The site is surrounded by Sydney’s critical backbone service infrastructure, particularly our water and NSW electricity supply. It is land locked, and surrounded by people. How could such a dangerous site have been chosen in the first place?

We have just seen Sydney poisoned by it’s water twice within the last month, and still, by apparent bad management; and that without an airport, so far. Why are you both prepared to take such an immense risk?

There are many prudent and workable alternatives outside the Sydney basin, which would lend themselves to an intelligent long term future, and which do not impact on large numbers of people or critically sensitive environment. Why continue to ignore them?

The Greens, the Democrats, One Nation, both sides of State Government, all local councils (apart from one with extra-ordinary interests) the church, local Liberal and ALP politicians and the people themselves all oppose this development, and yet it remains Federal Liberal and Labor policy to continue with this Badgerys Creek airport nightmare.

Why do you continue to treat the 1.5 million people currently living in western Sydney, the four million in greater Sydney, countless future generations, and even your own loyal Liberal and Labor party members with such disposable contempt? Are we at war - or are you?

Please John and Kim, the pain and suffering has gone on for long enough; far too long already. Time to change your policy to no airport - if you want our votes.

Peter Cork


Chairman: FRAAN