18th June, 1999


Right around Australia people have been watching the Badgerys Creek saga. They have been for years and years. Will the Government bend to the forces of greedy business and crush the common man- the Aussie battler? Will they build this airport, even at the expense of the health and well being of countless future generations of the entire Sydney community, just to please this powerful but self centered, uncaring and illogical business lobby?

The common man spoke out loud and clear when he sent the Government 15,650 submissions against the proposal, and this from a section of community who traditionally do not write. The GST only managed to pull 1,500 submissions, and that from the whole of Australia.

Does this Government really think that by duplicating the Sydney airport problem, in western Sydney, and turning the homes of the genuine Aussie battler into a ghetto, as well as building more, that this will enamor them to the millions and millions of common Aussie battlers around Australia? As the people around Sydney airport realise how serious the increase in their own situation has become when they learn that Badgerys Creek does not work, and that their own suffering can only increase immensely - they too will cry out with rage and frustration, at how seriously they have been duped.

Sydney business men, think again. There are other ways that you may make your money, without sacrificing the amenity of the population around you. Go away, and come up with a better idea.

Aussie politician, think again, for the common Aussie battler is a powerful force, who are not stupid, and who vote you in to power, and pay your wages - for you to represent them. Remember March 2, 1996 when change of western Sydney political seats gave the Liberal party power over the country.

The business force pays only for your political campaign, it’s up to us ‘common Aussie battlers’ to vote you into power and pay your daily wages. NO AIRPORT AT BADGERYS CREEK.

Peter Cork

Chairman of

Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise.