F.R.A.A.N. Duty of Care Letter

To: All Federal Liberal Ministers - Named Individually and Addressed-Posted                                                                                

Date: 25th July, 1997

Re: Second Sydney Airport.

In 1973, the State Pollution Control Commission "clearly identified the meteorological and topographic features of Western Sydney that made the area a potential pollution trap." This of course is exactly what we have seen happen.

Now, the release of the EPA MAQS Air Quality study, has identified that at least 400 people die per year in Sydney, directly because of health problems related to Sydney’s extremely poor air quality. We remind you that "health cost related to air quality are higher in California than in all other 49 states (of the USA!) combined."

F.R.A.A.N. believes that it is obvious that construction and operation of another airport along with it’s attendant infrastructure, within the Sydney Basin, will result in a major escalation of air and other pollution and a consequent major escalation in the human death rate.

We call upon you as an elected representative of the people, to initiate a halt to the EIS process for a second Sydney airport located inside the Sydney Basin, and to exercise your duty of care to the people of Sydney.

We believe that our politicians are obliged to care for and protect the people. We consider that construction of a second airport within the Sydney basin will obviously adversely affect the health, well being and safety of the Sydney population, and significantly increase the human mortality rate; this cannot be allowed! If it were allowed, do you want this on your conscience? You, as our elected representative can stop this from happening to all of us.

Your political vote on this administrative decision, will be critical in this matter. We call on you to put the health, well being and safety of the people uppermost - before short term economic considerations.

Please indicate to us, whether or not you are prepared to take this risk with human lives, and if so, why. We await your early reply to this letter please.

Yours faithfully


P.J. Cork