20th May, 1999

To: The editor: Fairfield Champion

Re: Badgerys Creek Airport proposal.

In his column in the ‘North Shore Times’ last month, Dr Brendan Nelson wrote "If Cabinet does not get the bulldozers out to Badgerys Creek this year, not only will Sydney face a future of intolerable noise, but community confidence in public administration will be significantly diminished."

In a letter to FRAAN dated 18th May, 1999, Dr Nelson wrote "No decisions will be made about the second airport until the EIS process has been completed."

This very apparent conflict of information from Dr Nelson indicates a serious hypocrisy.

Given that it is well known that 400 people a year die in Sydney from air pollution (EPA MAQS, 1996), and that Western Sydney suffers the worst air pollution levels in Australia, and particularly given that Dr Nelson has previously stood as the President of the A.M.A. (Australian Medical Association) this again shows a strong level of hypocrisy. Why would Dr Nelson advocate a development which will obviously seriously increase the levels of air pollution in the Sydney basin, and thus the loss of even more human lives within Sydney? Some doctor.

Dr Nelson, MP for the seat of the seat of Bradfield, is also the chairman of the ‘Sydney Airport Community Forum’. This forum is stacked with many political identities well known for their preference for the construction of a second airport at Badgerys Creek, against logical reason, and no matter what genuine impacts this would have on the amenity of their own constituents (probable increased operations at KSA and return to narrow flight paths, water quality, air quality, gas and electricity supply) or on that of western Sydney. There is no representation of western Sydney on this "community" forum, in any manner, even though often sought.

F.R.A.A.N. finds it no small wonder that there is such a strong public element of distrust towards our politicians within this country, given the serious levels of hypocrisy and mis-information that we find ourselves constantly subjected to by politicians such as Dr Nelson.

Peter Cork

Chairman: F.R.A.A.N.