Very Fast Train (V.F.T.)

Proponents of a Very Fast Train intend to own & build & operate this system at no cost to the public purse, it will probably be built with a Tax break or investment allowance from the Federal Government.


Japanese Maglev

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The Japanese Maglev model :- MLX 01, recently reached a record speed of 491 Km per Hour in a trial run on test track at KOFU JAPAN in early December 1997.

This Maglev train is muted to be the replacement for passenger trains for the 21st century and is virtually earth quake proof, as Japan is earth quake prone.

The train is locked into a concrete track and has a guide wheel system that locks it into the track.

All along the track it has levitation magnets and propulsion magnets that not only lift the train but propell it, along the track.

The system is virtually friction-less apart from the guide wheel contact that steers and locks the train to the track.

December 1998 the Maglev achieved 550 Km per hour in a test run, reaching its designed speed in this test.

German Maglev

The German maglev is still under development and testing.


"Conventional Steel Rail V.F.T."

It is debatable whether Steel Rail could operate at the high speeds needed for the 21st century because of the safety required at these speeds in case of derailment, if this type is used, safety will be re-visited after the first major accident.