High Impact Crash Zone

(0 - 8 km from the end of runways-see Airline Disasters Site).

All of Sydneys vital infrastructure is located in the HIGH IMPACT CRASH ZONE with Option A and B runway alignments.

All Sydneys Water is near the runways including the Warragamba pipelines.

Where will Sydney get its WATER if it is breached by Aircraft crashing?

Moomba to Sydney Gas line passes through the New Western Sydney Regional Park at Horsley Park or Abbotsbury Hill under the flight paths.

That Jumbo Jet in the sky above your head, is the equivalent in fuel capacity to your local service station, in the sky. (Kerosene)

One Jumbo Jet is the Equivalent of 2 million lawn mowers for 10 minutes of operation on the ground and takeoff.

10 tonnes of fuel to lift off the ground.

All SYDNEYS and N.S.W. Electricity is junctioned & Distributed near the Airport Site at the Sydney West Electricity Hub and Kemps Creek Substation.

One initiative of the Keating Government was a National Electricity Grid - New South Wales and Victoria are now linked via these same Electricity Hubs near Badgerys Creek.

What will happen if a plane crashes into the Powerlines OR Substation? Hospitals? Intensive Care? Your lifestyle for many months?

Meeting at Rooty hill 17th Jan 1998/ 9am-5pm.

PPK stated, that a plane crashing into Electricity Sub-Stations, Gas Pipelines, Water pipelines,

Chlorine holdings at Warragamba or Prospect Reservoir if breached are classed as

secondary risks and are out of  the scope of this E.I.S. (NOT STUDIED, THIS E.I.S.)

Windshear has not been studied for this E.I.S.

Windshear is caused by a sudden gust of wind removing the Air Cushion,

which keeps the plane in the air, the air between an Aircraft and ground below,

on approach or takeoff near an Airport runway, effectively crashing the plane into the ground

a "belly flop".

If an Aircraft is caught in a windshear condition, there is often little time to save the Aircraft and

fatalities can be high, as the fuel tanks can rupture on impact and catch fire!

Death by fire!