Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise


Declaration to the World

To whom it may concern: this is not a joke.

We wish to inform you about the 2000 Olympics.

The Australian Federal Government and N.S.W. State Government are promoting the Sydney Olympics as the "Clean green games". 

To assist in promoting this lie, our Government is putting solar cells on the roof's of the Olympic athletes village at Homebush Bay. At the same time our Government plans to stuff an airport into Western Sydney, against incredible community opposition. 15,650 submissions were put to the Government's EIS, which is now known as the largest EIS in the world, because of this volume of genuine submissions. More than 99% of these are against the proposal. Airports and their attendant infrastructure,are known as one of the most toxic things that man can create.

The Federal Government is planning to build a major 24 hour a day 2nd international airport in Sydney's West at Badgerys Creek.

The Federal Liberal Government is attempting to ram this airport down the throats of one million five hundred thousand people in Sydney's West, and in fact the entire Sydney population, this year,1999. At the same time the Government is seeking World heritage listing for the Blue Mountains.

World Heritage means the World has an interest to save it, for our future generations.

The Blue Mountains will suffer endless low level aircraft overflight, routine jet exhaust pollution and fuel dumping, with 24 hour operation and 360,000 aircraft movements and 30 million passengers a year.   

All of Sydneys Water supply in Lake Burragorang, held back by the Warragamba Dam, is nestled in the Blue Mountains, directly in the flight paths to the west end of this airport site.  It is the drinking water for 4-5 million people and our only large storage of drinking water.

Under State Government control, our water has been polluted by sewage leaching in from upper catchments of Warragamba Dam, from housing developments in unsewered new residential areas.  In mid 1998, Sydney's water was so contaminated that the population was forced to boil the water before it could be consumed.

Athletes coming to Sydney will apparently be given bottled water, but don't drink from the tap. 

This is not Green Games, this is big business, planning to profit at the expense of Sydney's residents and visitors.

Who would deliberately put their drinking water under threat from a major airport?

Who would deliberately put their critical service infrastructure: gas and water supply lines, and electricity supply hub in extreme danger from a major airport?

Who would deliberately put their already seriously air polluted basin, at incredible risk of serious increase in air pollution levels?

Answer - Australia's Federal Government.


The Federal Government commissioned a $12 million Environmental Impact Study with consultants PPK. Basically the consultants are obliged to follow directions from the proponent.

Under current Federal legislation, Australian Environmental Impact Statements for major construction developments are skewed towards development. 99% of projects that undergo an E.I.S. are passed for the development and against the environment. Less than 1% of proposals in Australia are knocked out by the current EIS process.

That's 1% of the total developments which actually fail to proceed to the construction phase. No wonder this poor old planet is in such a mess.

If this is happening in Australia; What is happening throughout the rest of the world? 

Since the previous Federal Government selected the site in 1985, new housing developments have been allowed to be built almost up to the boundary of the proposed 2nd airport site.

These people will be blown away, with little chance of compensation for their losses. Thousands of small family owned local poultry and vegetable production, and other business will also be destroyed, also with little or no chance of compensation for loss of profits, or destruction of business. Their homes would also be rendered useless.

If this proposal is allowed to go ahead, then the Australian Federal Government must be looked upon throughout the world, as an environmental vandal.

 The Federal Government, as stated by certain Ministers, has already indicated that nothing in the E.I.S. will stop this airport, and yet, if the EIS is looked at correctly and in detail, it quite clearly shows that an airport MUST NOT be built at this site.
The supplement of the draft E.I.S. was released 30/6/99 with an announcement that a decision will be made in 6 weeks from this date by our Federal politicians. This has been an ongoing saga since 1975 and has been fought by local community groups over this long and hard period of time.

This Government, and big business concerns, are exceptionally good at peddling misinformation. They have been using "strategies to deal with negative perceptions" with obvious control over media to effectively keep people in the dark about the full environmental effects of this proposed airport, and to effectively deceive people the people of Sydney into believing that an airport would never be built, so that they would not fight. Suddenly things have changed, and recent media are promoting that an airport must be built at this site.

The Government likes to play off and attempt to divide Eastern Sydney from Western Sydney. Eastern Sydney politicians get all the media to the east, whilst western Sydney is inundated with media mis-information.

There are at least four Olympic 2000 venues in Western Sydney that will be rendered useless if this airport is built, as they will be under close direct flight paths.

These are; the Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park, the outdoor Shooting Range (Skeet and indoor target range) at Kemps Creek, the Mountain Bike course at Abbotsbury and Baseball arena at Rooty Hill all in Western Sydney. 

At a public meeting at Horsley Park 3/6/99 attended by television stations Ch9, Ch10, ABC CH2, and local newspapers, Local anti-airport group Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise, stated that, "if this airport proposal continues on, we will take the opportunity afforded to us by the 2000 Olympics events held in Western Sydney, to advertise our plight to an international audience".    The residents of Western Sydney have little to gain from this airport, and everything to lose, if this Airport is given the go ahead.

We are fighting for our children. We have a responsibility to ensure that our future generations are left with a water supply which is fresh and viable, a healthy air quality, and a worthwhile environment in which to live.

Blind Freddy can see that an airport will destroy the environment in our Sydney basin where already, 400 people now die a year directly because of air pollution. (MAQS Study, 1996)

Blind Freddy can see that an airport at Badgerys Creek will not solve Sydney or NSW airport problems.

Blind Freddy can see that this airport will not give genuine jobs to western Sydney except short term construction jobs, for a facility that will turn our lives into a nightmare for ever more.

Blind Freddy says that an airport outside the Sydney basin will still create jobs for Australians where-ever it would be.

Blind Freddy can see that an airport will place massive risk to our water supply in Lake Burragorang/Warragamba Dam, and our air quality.

Blind Freddy can see that a Badgerys Creek airport will put the Sydney electricity supply facility, gas and water supply lines at an unacceptable level of risk.

Blind Freddy can see that it is not feasible to cut the top off the Blue Mountains for this airport to operate, and yet this is what the EIS says must happen.

Blind Freddy can see that an airport at Badgerys Creek will cause massive impact on the city people surrounding an ever expanding, narrow flightpath, Kingsford Smith Airport.

Blind Freddy can see that doubling the Kingsford Smith airport problem, by building an airport at Badgerys Creek is unfair and unreasonable to the entire Sydney population.

Blind Freddy asks;- Selfish Sydney businessmen, how is it that you can sacrifice the amenity, health and well being of your children and grandchildren, in favour of your own bank books?

Blind Freddy can see that if the State Government found a need to secretly gazette an enormous amount of land surrounding the site, as a Ministerial Executive decision, immediately before Christmas 1995, and without advising the people within the area that a 'Development Corporation' now have the power to take their land "by agreement or by compulsory process" - then something is very seriously wrong.

The Federal Government plans to privatise Kingsford Smith Airport, linked to the new 2nd International Airport at Badgerys Creek, on a 99 year lease.

The site for Badgerys Creek is approx. 2 times the size of Kingsford Smith Airport and the airport could eventually have up to 6 runways (MANS Study), which would require the resumption of even more land. World experience shows us that airports only grow larger; they never get smaller.

 Sydney's major airport, "Kingsford Smith" has a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. The proposed airport at Badgerys Creek does not. The people surrounding Kingsford Smith airport were promised by the Government, that construction of a third runway at the airport would solve all their problems.

An EIS, which has since been thoroughly discredited, was conducted, and the runway then constructed. As operations commenced, impacts on people surrounding the airport were instant, and intense.

The level of noise complaint telephone calls due to the third runway rose from approximately 1200 to well over 40,000 after this runway officially opened.

So intense were the impacts, that vast areas of residential housing now made unlivable, had to be resumed and levelled by bulldozers.

2nd International airports throughout the world in close proximity to the first original, have mostly failed as the major airlines refused to move operations to the 2nd airport. (ie. they are "White Elephants")

Sydney can expect nothing different.

Sydney has a sad history of betraying the honest citizens, for the benefit of a few selfish businessmen, and viewing this airport proposal and it's process, it would seem that nothing has changed.

Please pass this on to your newspapers and local media.

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Minister for Finance M.P. John Fahey