Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

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21st July 1999


FRAAN issues a general warning. Within the past several weeks we have been contacted by many people seriously confused by recent Sydney mass media that the "EIS clears the path for an airport to be constructed at Badgerys Creek." This is not true by any sense.

Regarding the process:

1) The supplement to the EIS has now been released.

2) Environment Australia now have to write a report to the minister for Environment. - This has not yet been done.

3) The minister for Environment will then report to the Minister for Transport, who should in turn report to cabinet. - This too, has not been done.

- Therefore the formal process itself is not complete, and so has not allowed a "clear path for the airport to go ahead".

Regarding the EIS, and it’s supplement:

1) There are a great many persons who believe that the 70 page summary document that they have received is the supplement, or the EIS itself. - This is not correct.

2) The latest summary document does not reflect in any true sense, the body of the main EIS reports, or supplement. - FRAAN believes that the summary document reflects more, the nature of "sales brochure" that a sales person would be issued with, rather than the more technical information which a technician, or a truly interested buyer would need.

3) FRAAN urges readers (and particularly Politicians and media) to contact 132 447, or a Commonwealth Book store, and purchase a set of the EIS main reports, vol 1 and 2, ($25), and the main EIS supplement reports, vol 3, 4 and 5 (also $25). Make sure you ask for a full set of each, including the relevant summary documents, and brochures. Even though these documents lend themselves to serious understatement of impacts, or in some cases plain misinformation, they never-the-less contain a level of information critical to any person who would be making any decision regarding the proposed airport, or who are reporting to public via media, or who are just interested in the more genuine impacts of the proposed airport on themselves.

- The SMEC Auditors report is also available for $5 and should also be reviewed. There have been 2 audit reports, one for each stage of the EIS - both of which give insight into serious failing of the EIS and it’s supplement.

4) These EIS main report, EIS supplement, summary documents, and Audit report would be worth while owning if for no other purpose than the fact that as time goes by, they will probably be regarded as genuine ‘collectors items’ for future generations.

5) FRAAN feels sure that a genuine reader of the EIS main report and it’s supplement, regardless of their respective major failings, will discover that the EIS itself does not in any way clear the way for an airport to go ahead, rather, in a exact opposite sense, clearly shows that an airport of any magnitude cannot go ahead at Badgerys Creek.



Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN.