Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

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Horsley Park NSW 2164

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23 July 1999

Bishop Kevin Manning, of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, said in his final paragraph of his submission to the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport EIS:.....

"Regardless of whether there would be economic "benefits" accruing to such a site, the overall impact of the airport on the wellbeing of significant numbers of individuals is likely to be negative. This is unacceptable in an absolute sense and even more so, when the current level of disadvantage experienced by many in the region is noted. The unacceptability of the proposal from a social justice perspective is further heightened when consideration is given to those in the community on whom the airport is likely to impact on most - young children, students of non-English speaking background, the elderly and the sick. Those who are most vulnerable in the community and in need of greatest community support and protection are those who are likely to experience the greatest (negative) impact of locating an airport at Badgerys Creek. This proposal clearly does not respect the common good."

Need we say more?


Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN