The Awakening

On the 15th of February 1998 F.R.A.A.N. participated with S.W.A.A.A. in the event billed as the AWAKENING and Funeral for the Warragamba Dam and the Federal Governments E.I.S. process in relation to Badgery's Creek.

Leading the procession was a group of bikers and a black coffin was on the back of a cream prime mover.

A car rally escorted the coffin from the Badgery's Creek site with 27 cars in tow with the individual letters STOP BADGERYS CREEK AIRPORT on the roofs of the cars for arial filming by Television Helicopters.

The event was held on the dam wall with jazz players leading a coffin carried by dedicated people concerned about their childrens future environment.

People lined up, after forming the word people, on the dam wall and tossed their E.I.S. Summarys into the open coffin on the lake side of the dam wall.

All this happened some months before the water scare in Sydney with Crypto-Sporidium and Giardia being found at the end on the El-Nino dry spell when the Warragamba Dam water level was down 26 metres from the full water mark.