Following the Crypto-sporidium and giardia attack on Sydneys Water Supply is our water up to international standards? NO

On the lead up to the crisis, ducks were blamed for carrying the bugs into water holdings at Potts Hill Reservior near Greenacre which is the end of the line before its piped all the way to Palm Beach and beyond - ducks?

Filtration Plant

Prospect Reservior may seem bypassed or has it with the installation of the filter plant - for about 9 months of the year, yes it is but in summer the volume of the 2 pipelines from Warragamba Dam cannot supply enough water for Sydney so they use Prospect by day and refill it over night when there is less demand.

Blue Green Algae Warning
The Daily Telegraph Saturday 10th of June 2000 page 11

A public health warning has been issued to avoid contact with water in some areas of the state of N.S.W. after testing of some water bodies for blue - green algae has confirmed its presence.

The reader must be aware that we are in winter at this time of the year with less sunlight yet the deadly blue-green algae outbreaks are upon us - nutrient levels must be high.

The authorities must find the sources of the nutrients entering these water bodies and take remedial action upon polluters or industries discharging effluent into drinking water supplies and river systems.

Systems so far that have tested positive are:

The Hawkesbury River between Sackville and Lower Portland. (Hawkesbury River has a number of sewerage plants emitting into the river along its length)

The Botany Wetlands.

Pejar Dam in Goulburn.

Farmers Creek.

The Wingecarribee River below the reservoir. (High Alert)

Fitzroy Falls reservoir. (High Alert)

Lake Lyell in Lithgow - part of the upper Coxs River and a distant western catchment for Warragamba Dam - Sydneys main drinking water supply dam.

This same catchment system was blamed for the recent outbreak of Giardia and Crypto-Sporidium when it was found sewerage was leaching into the system.

Swimming and boating has been allowed in Lake Lyell for a number of years.

Recently - coal power generators were approached by the government to allow a greater water flow into the lower Coxs River from the upper Coxs River system - including Wailerawang Dam and Lake Lyell.