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A cunning strategy for the Environmental Impact Statements (E.I.S.) that Australian Government departments, or their contractors use for Noise measurement is the dbA.

Decibel (db) is a measure of sound strength.

dbA is an Average of a range of varying Decibels.

So, the Badgerys E.I.S. notes an area where Noise is indicated at a

70 dbA Level.

Aircraft Noise can be in the range between 50 db - 120 db, therefore the average that one might expect will be 70 dbA as the E.I.S. states.

That means you can expect noise levels of up to 120 db for any time of the day, including night-time when you're trying to sleep.

110 db is the sound a jackhammer makes breaking concrete. 

Can you live 24 hours a day, 2 metres from a switched on Vacuum Cleaner or Lawn Mower?

The dbA has been used in the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport E.I.S.

  - see our submission, (Noise section) and wonder how it is that a magical red exclusion line can be drawn around 1/2 a million people, some of them less than 10 km from the end of proposed Badgerys main runways, yet they are included 30 km from the end of a proposed Holsworthy cross-runway. -

How is it so?