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Study into $30 billion dollar rail network
The Daily Telegraph 21st of April 2001 page 2.

A new study has started for a high speed train corridor linking SYDNEY - MELBOURNE - BRISBANE with the new Maglev Technology, a final report due late in 2002.

The project if given the go ahead will be one of the biggest rail infrastructure projects in the world and is a revolutionary safe 21st century technology, transport system.

The Maglev train has no wheels, is guided by a solid concrete guideway with electrical conductors connecting the moving train to the magnetic transformer coils in the track and coils under the train creating magnetic levitation while a current pulse is transmitted along the the direction of travel, creating magnetic propulsion.

The technology is considered earth quake proof and could be designed with native animal crossings under the track every 100 metres along its entire length allowing our rare Australian animals to cross the track in safety.

The Japanese Maglev reached a top speed of 550 km per hour on a test bed track in December 1998.

The Maglev has just reached a top speed of 571 klm per hour in Japan, today 3rd of December 2003.

Canberra could be placed on the rail route very easily with possible links to regional centres in all 3 eastern states eventually reducing the need for aircraft travel for a majority of travellers.

A Maglev link to central western N.S.W. would need to be installed for the new inland railway from Melboune to Gladstone in Queensland allowing the Parkes Airport Hub to proceed first as a freight hub, then as a passenger hub with fast access to Sydney.  

This technology can be powered by wind - solar - bio generation technologies of the future as fossil fuel supplies become exhausted.

Australians have a right to have an affordable future transport system to replace the current fossil fuel transport system, vast distances need to be travelled. 

Speed Rail Warning
The Daily Telegraph July 29th 2000 page 9

The speed rail consortium has given the Federal Government a warning to make a decision by the 23rd of August or forget the whole proposal.

They will walk and cannot wait forever.

The P.M. and Minister for Transport are aware of the alert.
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