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Simon Crean      - Media

Channel 10 Meet the Press
27th of July

Badgerys Creek - No longer Labors Policy.

Simon Crean today announced that Badgerys Creek is no longer Labors policy and a new 2nd airport will be built outside the Sydney Basin.

He will seek consultation with the N.S.W. state government to find a sensible alternative site that will have integrated transport links that will service both airports and stated that growth in the region of Western Sydney has now ruled the site out of labors policy position.

Three cheers for Mr. Crean.

18 long years of labors policy is now confined to the dustbin of history, if they only listened to the people who had legitimate reasons against the proposed site this policy position could have been arrived at in a much shorter time than the 18 years of policy and turmoil to the local residents who have lost many opportunities to further their lives and those of their families.

Federal Liberals

The Federal Liberal government now has to decide if it wants to win the Western Sydney electorate by keeping Badgerys Creek as the 2nd Sydney Airport location.

To the Liberal Government, bite the bullet and follow suit or loose the winable election.