Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

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8 August 2001

The Minister for Transport, John Anderson, has it all wrong. At the National Conference, June 13, 2001, he said that he intends to introduce legislation in this current session of parliament, to protect the Badgerys Creek proposed airport site "against incompatible development in the surrounding area". This would be nothing more than an approval for an airport at this site. He must not have read his own EIS. It says that the waters in Warragamba Dam (80% of the Sydney water supply) are "Class S, specially protected waters". A person may not even put one's foot in that water body; local warning signs indicate an $11,000 fine to trespass on the catchment lands. The EIS tells us that an airport at Badgerys Creek would pollute that water, and that Sydney Water do not have processes for removal of that pollution. The same EIS tells us that the NSW central electricity supply station, if damaged would take months or years to restore full supply. It still remains Federal Labor policy to build an airport at Badgerys Creek, and the Liberal Party have done nothing more than to put it on the back burner.

The NSW State Government and it's opposition have said no to an airport at Badgerys Creek, as do the Greens, Democrats and One Nation. Virtually every environmental organisation of note has said no, as have most Western Sydney political representatives and every western Sydney council except Liverpool. The Local Govt Association representing over 5 1/4 million people, the Catholic Church and Anglican Church, the Teachers Federation and a myriad of community organisations as well as 15,650 professional and personal submissions from Sydney have said no. The aviation industry does not want it either.

Mr Howard and Mr Beazley, obviously the answer is no. Your proposed airport is incompatible with our water, our power supply, the other Sydney airports and the people of Sydney.

No protective legislation, no future airport option, no airport at Badgerys Creek - ever.

Clr Peter Cork

Chairman: F.R.A.A.N.