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The Quantum Computer is being developed here in Australia in the form of the basic building blocks that go together to make a complex micro processor.

So far these initial building blocks prove that the quantum computer will soon become a reality.

The Quantum Computer could be fully working in 10 - 15 years. 

The first limited production could be in 20 years from now and it will be a very expensive tool with immense computing power.

The Quantum Computer will be the fastest computer yet devised by man, a technological marvel, the only limiting factor may be the operating system that drives the chip.

The Quantum Computer with the aid of artificial intelligence software, will become a true thinking and talking computer, able to make decisions for itself based on external sensory inputs.

We might finally, comprehend what gravity is?

Once we find gravity the next will be time.

We might also understand our universe and if there is more than one.

Humanity has a real responsibility to ensure that this machine is never used as a weapon of power to control people.

Quantum Theory comes from German Physicist, Max Planck who studied the strange properties of matter at the sub - atomic level.

Australia is a world leader in Quantum Physics and Quantum Computing

Scientist keeps light years ahead of the competition
The Sydney Morning Herald page 2.
8th of September 2004.

New photonic wires or cables so small they can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

Optical Fibres 100 times smaller than a human hair.

Photonic carrier wires.

Ideal for a microprocessor based on light, switching single photons this could be the start of a light processor with no internal switching delays.

Combine this with a Quantum computer that switches individual Qubit encoded photons and the only thing missing is Qubit storage
medium to hold the information permanently.

A computer based on switching light, No electrons, is the holy grail in computing and the further this technology progresses,
means the obstacles will work their way out to achieving the required end result.    

Good Weekend
Sydney Morning Herald Magazine
28th of August 2004 pages 24/5

Article about Quantum Computers and Quantum Mechanics.

UNSW is a member of group of 8 universities world wide working on and developing the Quantum Computer.

New Scientist
12th of June 2004 page 37.

Light is a wave, like water is a wave, light can be twisted like a corkscrew, even single photons can be twisted.

A single photon can carry a lot more information when twisted

Twisted light can carry more bandwidth.

Produced by a special laser that twists light.

Fire the screw laser at dust on a table and the dust dances around. 

Light twisted in a single helix form or double helix like DNA.

Clockwise and anticlockwise direction light beams.

Twist the laser light 250 or more twists.

Orbital Angular Momentum = unlimited number of states.

New Scientist 15th of May 2004 page 30.
Make me Quantum - How to be in two places at once.

Every moving object has a wavelength, moving cars have a wave that is very small, it is difficult to measure but it can be measured, similarly humans have a wavelength also able to be measured.

Quantum Entanglement could be the most revolutionary communications method of the future allowing networks without the need for wires or fibre optics or radio, the weird world of Quantum "superposition" the strange weird characteristic of particle entanglement which affects electrons, photons, atoms and molecules.

Two particles entangled and separated over the entire universe act as if there is an invisible thread between them, when one of the particles spins the other particle will also spin to the same position independent of time.

If three or more particles are entangled and separated over a vast distance a network is formed that could be used to send information faster than the speed of light.

Maintaining particles in this state at the extremities may be a problem for now, in the future they could be sending and receiving
quantum qubits of information faster than anything ever imagined.

The Sydney Morning Herald 8th of May 2004 "News" page 7.
Then man created man, virtually, in his image.

The computer brain based on reverse engineering the human brain with neural processing networks is being designed and built, based on new advanced technologies like Nano technology and Photonics with Quantum hybrids not far behind.

Imagine artificial human brain intelligence based on quantum processing and neural type memory retention.

A computer that thinks for itself and can carry a conversation is not that far away, it already exists.

People who are lonely will be able to have conversations with a friend who retains a memory of past conversations, who will be tolerant of the human ability to complain often, who will give advice and education to advance ourselves either in plain language or advanced scientific thought, we will all be uplifted.

Advances in technology in the 21st century that will surpass any other period in human history, a time for
peace and environmental repair for our planet, new economics that lift everyone to a sustainable living standard.

Smell the flowers and watch the butterflies, all aspects of daily life will be provided by the Quantum brain.

New Scientist
13th of March 2004 page 17.

Wired up the Quantum way

Quantum bits or Qubits can be stored in the energy state of an ion, when a laser is fired at the ion, a photon is emitted containing  the exact information, it contains the exact qubit information.

The Quantum computer will be a technological dream machine, when it finally gets to the microprocessor engineering and manufactured chip stage.

Built in Photonic laser devices could read and write the information, the single photons I/O transmitted as Qubits over fibre
networks and converted to give a digital I/O.

Quantum Cryptography with 2 or 3 entangled photon data streams will allow checking and verifying the original code.

Focus Magazine
December 2003.

Parallel Universes

We live in a world that has strange hidden properties at the sub atomic particle level, the particles appear to exhibit "one" state in our own universe, when they should have "many states", a connection outside for the other states, to something so far unexplained?

The particles have some kind of connection, to a parallel universe, a multi-parallel universe?

The Quantum Computer is designed to link all the particle states, possible meaning, computation over multi - universes.

Particles can disappear and reappear in a different location, where do they go when they disappear?

Scientists smash atoms at the speed of light with a particle beam accelerator inside a magnetically contained chamber, so far
most of the particles have been identified but some are still elusive as they have very short life spans or can be found at much
higher energies.

Higgs particle, still to be found, is thought to be the heaviest particle at this time.

Who knows what effect has been created by exploding nuclear weapons here on earth, effectively splitting the atom and blowing
the particles away in a massive blast, if there are multiple universes, we may have woken the neighbor's.

One could assume that if Earth is linked at the Quantum level to matter in other Universes, then mirror copies of earth would
appear in these other universes, we as a civilisation may be more advanced depending on when these other universes formed, if they all formed at the same time then evolution may not have worked the same as it did here on home earth or we may be the
ones catching up.

If true, the Multiverse may expand forever, creating new worlds hidden from us at present.
55 BC Roman poet-philosopher - Lucretius - completes the Nature of Things - Infinite Universe.
1909 Geoffrey Taylor - Single photons create interference effects - Parallel Universes?
1915 Albert Einstein - Publishes theory of Gravity - Matter to shape of universe, a few years later, Einstein called Quantum effects spooky.
1925 Schrodinger - Quantum wave equation - Particles exist in myriad of states simultaneously.
1957 Hugh Everett - Many worlds quantum theory - infinitude of universes.
1985 David Deutsch - Proves quantum computers are feasible.
1992 Science fiction writer Michael Moorcock - multi universes = multiverse.
1997 Sir Martin Rees - Multiverse might explain why our universe is unique for life.
1997 David Deutsch - Interference effects show - parallel universes exist.
1998 Neil Gershenfeld and Isaac Chuang - First quantum computation using chloroform molecules.
1998 Bruce Kane - University of Maryland - Chip design based on silicon.
2003 NASA - Studies of heat from the Big Bang show the universe is infinite.

New Scientist 12th of June 2004 page 13.

CERN Switzerland
Higgs particle was thought to be at 88 Gev but researchers have calculated with a new formula it may be found at 117 Gev.
The search has been conducted with Large Electron Position Collider (LEP) and is currently not powerful enough at 114 Gev in 2000.
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) due in 2007 will look at energies up to 251 Gev.

Giga Electron Volts = Gev

Chicago USA
Another contender to find Higgs is Tevatron accelerator at Fermilab still undergoing upgrade but several more years away.

Its a brave new Nano - world of Supercomputers
The Sun-Herald 7th of September 2003 page 36.

The Quantum Computer team consists of 150 scientists and 60 PhD students working 4-5 years from six Australian Universities.
Work on the Quantum computer is an international effort with several universities worldwide.

     Daily Telegraph
29th of August 2001 page 23.

      Quantum Computer

Australian Scientists are on the verge of building a Quantum Computer which can store information on a single atom, which will enable
a quantum computer to process information and do calculations that current computers would take billions of years to complete.

Spin Doctors
New Scientist 24th of June 2000 Page 36.

Article covers the use of phosphorus atoms contained in super cold silicon to build Quantum switching gates for Quantum computation, based on the spin of particles.

The idea is to use a method called entanglement to verify data over a fibre optic light network with the base data unit called a Qubit.  Qubit data can contain more numbers available, than all the atoms in the universe.

One photon can contain a Qubit of information.

Research funding has been supplied by the Federal Government of Australia to the University of N.S.W.

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