13th August 2003.                                       Added to Proposal for site.

"Australian Internet GRID"

The internet is going through a revolution and Australia must join the revolution for the benefit of economic activety this new internet will bring to future growth.

Read more - "The Australian Internet GRID"

The Badgerys Creek Site would be ideal for this revolution.

Un-related but certainly worth the mention

The BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs

The first part of the series shown on the ABC  October 17, attracted 2,044,000 people nationally across Australia.

The second part of the series drew a record number of  2,250,000 people nationally across Australia who topped the ratings with this science documentary and beat 60 Minutes on Ch9 in the same time slot.

The Daily Telegraph -----26th October 1999 page 6 + Editorial page 10

Un-related                                                                       Dinosaurs
             A Walt Disney film showing soon
                Check your cinema guides  15th June 2000.


Un-related                  The Australian Museum is heading west
in bid for numbers.
The Sydney Morning Herald 29th May 2000 page 3

The Australian Museum is looking into a 2nd site in Western Sydney as College St.
is a hard travel destination for most Western Sydney families with virtually no parking nearby, travel has to be by public transport to College St.

The Museum hopes to reach an extra 3 million people in its first ever major re-structure to bring the Museum into the 21st century with Sydney Basin demographics.

A Museum building and complex in Western Sydney will be larger than the College Street building, a location is yet to be determined.

Director of the museum Professor Micheal Archer said the museum was looking at several sites in the Western Sydney.

Professor Archer also said ; its time the museum stopped being an institution within walls and let the walls move out.

Editors Note!

One would hope the Museum looks for a suitable site that may allow living exhibits to be shown as well, the $50 million dollar project  to clone the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger is one example, that may need a large area for the public to view this animal if the scientists are successful in bringing this extinct icon back to life.

Keep up with the news from the Australian Museum site about the new location in
Western Sydney and especially whats happening with the clone research program of the thylacine.


Un-related to the proposal.
Australian Museum may be going west
The Sydney Morning Herald 6th of April 2001 page 4.

The museum may be moving totally from its College Street address by a partial sale of the building its current home.

The museum is looking for a near demographic centre location in Sydneys West and has a code name for the move - Alcheringa Project.

The N.S.W Government has funded $250,000 to study to explore re-location and other issues.

The College Street building has a heritage order and cannot be modified to allow an expanded exhibition space, which the museum needs, to display most of its collection to draw more visitors.


The name Alcheringa is an Aboriginal name for Dream Time.

The Australian Museum is not dreaming, this move will save its future and provide a better opportunity for future growth of the museum, its collection, future employment and may put it on the world tour ticket for oversea's visitors, who, believe it or not like to visit museums, for some tourists, thats all they do.