Privatisation of Sydney Basin Airports will bring more pressure for profits instead of concern for local residents under the flight paths and their health and peace.

The Sydney Basin Airports including Kinsford Smith, Bankstown, Hoxton Park and Camden Airports are partially privatised with the name (S.A.C.) for Sydney Airport Corporation.

This current structure allows profit making, but further profit depends on increased landing of aircraft by airline companies.

Breakdown of Profit for S.A.C. includes rents from shopping sites and landing charges.

Once fully privatised there will be increased pressure to remove the 80 movements per hour cap and the curfew at Kingsford Smith Airport.

Out of the 4 airports mentioned above Hoxton Park airport is set to close because its been encrouched by new housing developments in line with the runways both ends.

Tourists generally stay for 1-2 weeks in Sydney and when they leave, would go back to possibly a much quieter place they call home.

Is this fair, that you, a local resident living near the airport is being used as a pawn in this chase, around the profit merry-go-round of the tourism industry and the aviation industry who never share their profits to those who endure their operations.

What of the rights of local Sydney residents who live under the flightpaths of Kingsford Smith Airport do you agree with ever increasing tourists/aircraft?

Do you derive any income from Kingsford Smith Airport ?

Do you have shares in the airline companies?

Once fully privatised by sale or public float, the people living under the flight paths will have, nil say on any matter to do with the operation of the airport as they will likely be the economic deprived or blue collar workers as well as minority share holders. 

The airline and tourism industries never pay any compensation to the people affected by their industry.

When the third runway opened and public backlash happened, it was the publics money that paid for housing resumptions and noise insulation and the government simply imposes a noise tax on departures.

The government is so concerned about aircraft noise and the effects on people living around the airport that it set up a noise complaints phone line, where you can complain till your blue in the face and nothing happens, until the statistics for the month are calculated.

The result is for those who complain the most, they get the flight paths changed onto some other community who have not had the repetative flight paths for some time, such is the political football that is Kingsford Smith Airport and it gets worse when either the Liberals or Labor political parties are in power in Canberra for certain communities.