Power Poles and MY Splendid Castle.

I think most people in the existing built up city areas see their streets as ugly with all those cables overhead.

Currently the nation is hooked on renovating, with numerous home renovation television shows or lifestyle programs on our televisions.

Homes are being made over and looking good, increasing the value, while some older homes are being knocked down and replaced by brand new homes, these new homes have their electricity connected up to the front boundary on a galvanised pole.

The overhead cable design is a commercial design to make money, which does not care about the ugly mess as long as it is making money.

We have good streetscape design in the newer suburbs with all services underground with only the odd street light a few hundred metres apart.

We call Sydney a beautiful city - Is this relating to the buildings or the harbour for it cannot be the suburbs?

State Governments claim its too expensive yet reap property taxes and stamp duty from the suburbs they say they cannot fix,
I think some of the money collected from taxes should be put back into a fund to help bring down the costs of undergrounding all cables in suburbia.

Politicians will always spend all the money they are given but will never bank some of this money until the people demand change.

All Cables Underground

Installing all cables underground will ensure in the event of powerful storm - no services will be lost.

For safety, power cables break and people have died by coming in contact with live wires.

Street trees would also benefit by not having to have their centre chopped out but sadly there are some trees which will never recover from continual pruning and have grown ugly with their centre missing and damaged forever.

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