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Very fast action needed NOW

The World is running out of Crude Oil Reserves, while Politicians dither here in Australia the Bass Strait oil will soon run out and Australia will soon have to import all its oil needs from oversea's producers.

By 2002-2005 the Worlds Peak in oil production will have been reached, that is the maximum we will ever find and from then on, production will decline.

The Europeans have been building Very Fast Train land based transport networks for the future with investment from Major Airline carriers for long distance travel.

The World is going back to Cruise Ships as a means of traveling the worlds oceans, with ships being built as big as cities now, oversea's.

Some of these ships are the biggest ships ever built with multi-level shopping decks and elevators similar to land based shopping centres and carry several thousand passengers.

Australia needs a plan now to have a fast and efficient land based transport system, otherwise people of the future will not be able to travel as travel will only be, for the very rich.

Imagine the 21st century without your own set of wheels as you will not afford the impending fuel costs that will come.

Australia needs this infrastructure right now 1999 and Light Rail Systems linking suburbs to VFT services all powered by Electricity generated by the Sun, Wind, Wave and Bio-Generators.

Light Rail systems can be incorporated into the existing road network.

Australia has the ideal oppitunity to use the latest available technology and build its own, high technology industries for this new age of transport.

Australia and Australians need to Travel, we cannot go back to, the horse and cart, we must accept the challenge now or we are, completely backward.