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Second Airport Decision Date Set
The Daily Telegraph 6th June 2000 page 2

New date for meetings 17th and 18th July 2000 when cabinet will start deliberations leading to a decision in August to basically dismantle the proposal for an airport at Badgerys Creek with a national solution being pushed by our fellow Australians in Victoria.

1) The article states the Prime Minister has called for the final decision early.

2) It also mentions that the decision will settle the second airport issue without further antagonising voters in Western Sydney, the people have shown over considerable time that they don't want the airport.

3) Residents affected by KSA and to the north of Sydney who want aircraft noise reduced and Victorian interests with a national approach have also been waiting.

4) A decision on the Very Fast Train is expected between Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne and a call for an E.I.S. into the proposed route and project.

5) The airport at Badgerys Creek would cost - estimated at $9 billion dollars. (As always under-estimated)

The estimated cost of the VFT Rail link approx. $550 million /less taxes paid by the constructors.

Poll fear to delay Badgerys decision

Sydney Morning Herald - Friday 2nd June 2000 page 3

The Federal Liberal Government has decided a decision on Badgerys Creek may not be given until after the next election due by October 2001 or before this month if they call it early.

4th paragraph states "a spokesman for the P.M. last night said a decision was expected mid-year and a combination of rail and airport was being considered."

4 February 2000

Letter to P.M. & Cabinet + Mass Mail -out


Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

                     Please address all correspondence to:  Post Office Box 20
                                                                                          Horsley Park NSW 2164
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4 February 2000

Wicked Deceit.

Recent media has been indicating that the Badgerys airport proposal has now been reduced to a "Baby Badgerys", and that this is what Minister Anderson will be taking to cabinet.

To say that this is a new proposal is an absolute deceit. The 1997 Sydney UBD showed a single runway on the option A/B alignment, directed at the heart of Sydney, map 244. This airport alignment has continued to be shown in all maps since that time, including the recently released UBD and Gregorys 2000 editions. We have contacted Universal Press about this and are informed that this airport information has been continually provided to them by the Federal Department of Transport, who are the proponents of the proposed airport.

It is worth noting that this information was provided to Universal Press in 1996 - BEFORE THE EIS COMMENCED. No where throughout the EIS however, has this "Baby Badgerys" proposal been properly discussed. If this Government was ever serious about this baby airport proposal, and they now allow it to go ahead, their deceit will have been duplicitous, since they have allowed a great many new homes to be built in the direct affected area, and have spent millions of tax dollars on the construction of an Olympic equestrian centre, and an Olympic outdoor shooting range; both of which would be rendered useless by this airport. No matter which proposal the Department should favour, there are still critical elements of knowledge not identified, such as intensity or incidence of wind shear, economic sustainability of any proposal, genuine incidence of fog, or cumulative environmental impact etc etc.

The Alliance of Councils is organising a bus convoy to Parliament House, Canberra, for concerned residents to be able to voice their protest directly, and FRAAN urges concerned people to please make the effort to join the protest. Details can be obtained by ringing 9840 9731.

More information on the Badgerys Proposal, and a public use formal letter of protest, can be obtained at the FRAAN website;

Clr Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN.



Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

Please address all correspondence to:
                                                                                                   Post Office Box 20,
                                                                                                               Horsley Park NSW 2164
                                                                                                               Phone/Fax (02) 9620 1428


17 November 1999

Enviro Assessment Report

In typically sly fashion, and after a breath held wait and countless stories, the Badgerys Creek Airport Proposal "Environment Assessment Report" from Environment Australia itself, has finally been released and made public. Dated July, 1999 it's release has been long promised, and we can only wonder why its' release has taken so incredibly long. It is available from the Government Book Shops. Sydney has one in the city at 32 York Street and another in Parramatta at 24 Horwood Place. Publicity surrounding the release of the book has been about nil, and content has so far been ignored by the media.

The cost of the book is $20, and adds another fine component to the massive mountain of evidence against the proposal and is (supposedly) the culmination of an intensive (well more than 20 books) EIS, the EIS Auditors report, and submissions from the public. From this document is drawn the Minister for Environments final (and very disappointing) 41 point recommendation to the Minister for Transport.

A compelling read, and another glossy addition to the collectors edition of life at Badgerys Creek and for all of Sydney, and rural NSW (who miss out once again). No collection would be complete without it; like all Badgerys EIS publications the binding is not strong, and pages remove quickly and easily in case of emergency - don't miss out, get yours now!

Join in the fun, and wait for the next installment;.... a decision from the Federal Government! ; - will they show all of Australia that the common man is expendable and not worthy of respect, even after fighting for more than 20 years? Will the Government bend to the forces of big business and ratify this airport proposal against all common logic, reasoned argument, statistically negative evidence, and the wishes of what is essentially the entire state of NSW, and it's State Government? Will the Government spend billions of tax dollars on building a small airport just for a bunch of playboys to play with their toys and some greedy developers to build their own private city?

Tune in for more.

More info; see our internet site at

Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN