Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

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4 February 2000

Wicked Deceit.

Recent media has been indicating that the Badgerys airport proposal has now been reduced to a        "Baby Badgerys", and that this is what Minister Anderson will be taking to cabinet.

To say that this is a new proposal is an absolute deceit. The 1997 Sydney UBD showed a single runway on the option A/B alignment, directed at the heart of Sydney, map 244. This airport alignment has continued to be shown in all maps since that time, including the recently released UBD and Gregorys 2000 editions. We have contacted Universal Press about this and are informed that this airport information has been continually provided to them by the Federal Department of Transport, who are the proponents of the proposed airport.

It is worth noting that this information was provided to Universal Press in 1996 - BEFORE THE EIS COMMENCED. No where throughout the EIS however, has this "Baby Badgerys" proposal been properly discussed. If this Government was ever serious about this baby airport proposal, and they now allow it to go ahead, their deceit will have been duplicitous, since they have allowed a great many new homes to be built in the direct affected area, and have spent millions of tax dollars on the construction of an Olympic equestrian centre, and an Olympic outdoor shooting range; both of which would be rendered useless by this airport. No matter which proposal the Department should favour, there are still critical elements of knowledge not identified, such as intensity or incidence of wind shear, economic sustainability of any proposal, genuine incidence of fog, or cumulative environmental impact etc etc.

The Alliance of Councils is organising a bus convoy to Parliament House, Canberra, for concerned residents to be able to voice their protest directly, and FRAAN urges concerned people to please make the effort to join the protest. Details can be obtained by ringing 9840 9731.

More information on the Badgerys Proposal, and a public use formal letter of protest, can be obtained at the FRAAN website;

Clr Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN.