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"Australia is a World Leader in Photonics and Fibre Optics".

"World interest in the "Linux" operating system has increased over the last 19
months with huge take up by governments worldwide, now April 2005."

"Open Source Code provides Innovation, patents only hinder innovation,
patents are robbing future generations of their sustainable living,
locking them out of the future."

3-D Street Smarts
The Sydney Morning Herald Next Liftout 12th of April 2005 page 1 + 4.

Next generation city planning tools in 3D, allowing cities to be represented in a 3D space, the sun can be positioned to
show the shadows on adjoining properties, the parks, roads and buildings look real, Parramatta has already been mapped in 3D.
Australian companies SIMmersion and Urban Futures Consulting are doing great modelling work for 3D realism.

'CELL' chips to take over
PC User Magazine April 2005 issue page 13.

This would also be a more expensive option as they would still have to have a personal computer for all the
other software and personal tasks that a modern PC performs today in 2005.

The personal computer will never be replaced by any other technology.

IBM Cell Processor
Super Computer on a chip.

Likely to find its way into the Sony Playstation 3 first and is based on the PowerPC core.

Same Article -Sun Microsystems
have released the N1 Grid Engine in February 2005.

Super Cell unveiled
PC World April 2005 page 13.

Multi core chip with duel threaded PowerPC control core for the other 8 single threaded SPEs.

Scientists put on your thinking caps
PC Authority March 2005 issue page 16.

A new cap with brain attached, hows that for wanting a new brain, now you can walk the old brain
around on your daily chores giving lectures and meeting business people all day, then come home and the cap takes
over while your sipping a scotch and dry, who said, I wish I had another brain?

The cap has 64 electrodes monitoring the activity across the scalp and is a boon for people with physical disabilities.

The new geek nerd, say no evil
For those just wanting to control everything without saying a single word, ever, while flashing their evil eyes,
you know telepathic geek's.

Internet payphone takes fight to mobiles
Sydney Morning Herald 19th-20th of March 2005 page 13.

Future - Proofing Telecommunications in Non-Metropolitan Australia
"Page Research Centre" report released at midday today
17th of March 2005.
Question time in the Senate
Questions asked by Senator Stephen Conroy to
Communications Minister Helen Coonan.
Also Sydney Morning Herald "Nationals lay out bush telegraph" 18th of March 2005 page 5.

Report recommends spending A$7 Billion to provide a Fibre Optic network to regional Australia
to future proof the bush regions of Australia in perpetuity against any future city and suburbs upgrades
likely in a few years time.

Report also recommends that the Federal Government retain ownership of the new fibre network and charge
access for all telecommunications providers including our national carrier with the copper network.

Video Security Server
New 64x IP channel video server has been developed for the security industry.
A software engine has been built to display video cameras over IP with 64 IP channels.

IBM building grid in China
Beijing, 13th of October 2003 - 2005 in phase one.

A GRID contract to connect 100 universities with 200,000 students and faculty members, in 2005 the GRID will perform
6 teraflops, eventually its capability will increase to 15 teraflops based on 30,000 computers linking the universities.

NEXT - published by the Sydney Morning Herald
15th of March 2005 page 1 top left corner.

Australia's national carrier has decided to roll out ADSL2+ as part of its strategy of providing DVD on demand.
200 exchanges will be upgraded by mid year and by mid 2006 all exchanges that support ADSL now will support ADSL2+.
ADSL2+ will provide a maximum upload/download speed of 12 Mbps for this launch, with a maximum of 24Mbps.
New users will have to purchase a new ADSL2+ modem to use the increased bandwidth, ADSL2+ exchange
equipment will more than likely be, backward compatible with the current ADSL modems.

DVD on Demand has arrived in Australia.
Sun Herald 30th of January 2005 page 41.

The company from the US expects 130 million homes in Australia and Japan to be Video on Demand enabled with high
speed broadband within 5 years.

Carrier Grade Linux for Telco's has arrived
Magazine Landed in Australia - January 2005
Linux User & Developer Magazine issue 44 - NEWS page 14 bottom left.
From vendor -TimeSys
Although this is the first to meet OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Specification version 2.0.1 based on kernel 2.6
Other versions of CGL are being developed by the "Carrier Grade Linux Group"

June 2004 edition of PCWorld Article
Work at the three Queensland sites in February 2005.
Our national carrier has completed Fibre (FTTP) in Queensland see article.
Brookwater Estate, Greater Springfield - 280 units.
Emerald Lakes - 65 units.
Trial is still being conducted on services.

Linux Developer Magazine
Issue 41 page 10 bottom.
NASA is building a Linux super computer with over 10,000 processors.

Linux is also taking a large percentage slice of the top 500 super computers in the world, in a few more
years it will claim ownership to the whole 500.
See top 500 Super Computers

Web heading for light speed
PC Authority December 2004 page 20.

A new method to use buckyballs or buckminster fullerines to control laser light will eliminate conventional electronics
and allow light to travel at near its true speed via new hybrid photonic light switches.

This new technology will speed up light communications currently slowed when light has to be converted to electric
voltage/current and then converted back to light again for switched destinations.
The switches control where the data eventually ends from the source to the destination address.

Light will pass through these switches without the current time lag delay or latency.    

GRID Growth
PC Authority December 2004 page 24 bottom left.

UK scientists have created the largest GRID structure so far.
6,000 Linux machines in this GRID across 78 countries.

Movies from your ISP
Australian Personal Computer
December 2004 pages 13-14.

This will never happen over ADSL or ADSL2.

3D Evolution
Australian Personal Computer
December 2004 page 20.

Looking Glass 3D desktop.
See Sun Microsystems

3D Screen
Australian Personal Computer
December 2004 page 21.

Sharp 15in monitor LL-151-3D launched in August in US.

Energy Australia
22nd of December 2004

Announced trial broadband over power was being conducted in Newcastle with speed of 200Mbps,
fibre to substations had been installed for the trial.

Yap International revealed a unique and patent
pending technology marketed as the Nomad
On November 17, 2OO4.
Yap International Personal Gateway.

Solution to a real problem that is inherent in all current and competing VoIP gateways. 
The problem is, the end user is limited to the physical location of the Gateway in order to make a VoIP call,
VoIP calls can be sent and received from any telephone, not just one physically connected to the Gateway.

The gateway is contacted from any cellular or landline push button phone in the world.

Laptops and PDA's can connect to the Internet for VoIP call savings and information services for the first time
bypassing either partially or entirely the high cost of International Long Distance charges from incumbent
telecommunication providers.

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