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Future - Proofing Telecommunications in Non-Metropolitan Australia
"Page Research Centre" report released at midday today.
by Queensland National Party.
17th of March 2005.
Question time in the Senate
Questions asked by Senator Stephen Conroy to
Communications Minister Helen Coonan.

I was watching the Senate this day, listening to all comments.

Also Sydney Morning Herald "Nationals lay out bush telegraph" 18th of March 2005 page 5.

Report recommends spending A$7 Billion to provide a Fibre Optic network to regional Australia
to future proof the bush regions of Australia in perpetuity against any future city and suburbs upgrades
likely in a few years time.

Penrith and Campbelltown considered regional?

Report also recommends that the Federal Government retain ownership of the new fibre network and charge
access for all telecommunications providers including our national carrier.


"This is the right idea in a new century, one owner of the infrastructure in public hands."

"You cannot build certainty upon uncertainty, chaos can be tamed with simple rules."

"Last century it was sell off everything and bugger the future of generations to come."
(later part of 19th century)

"You can have competition, but too much competition erodes profitability to the point, of unviability, which leads to
pressure for cost increases, also putting pressure on inflation, when these pressures increase and costs cannot be
passed on, the result is a loss of services as the end result."

"Example everyone needs to make a profit so margins decrease, services get rationalised, we don't need to employ
people to do this, because we will no longer provide the service - end result."

"Workers also need certainty if they are going to commit their time, for a career in a chosen field, the most
dedicated employees were the ones who had certainty in full time employment and the job was interesting, it fueled
their interest into their private lives as well, with a career path to follow within the same organisation, this is why some
workers stayed 30 or 40 years with the one company or organisation."

"The communications technology everyone in Australia today is connected to, in 2005, was originally a national
infrastructure provider, the communications revolution we have seen since the early 1990's, would not be there,
if the backbone was subject to the competition mantra that is in place today - 2005, it was built over many,
many decades on simple funding rules to make it happen in common
theme, for the common good."

Australia is almost the size of China, not everyone in China has access to a Land line telephone today in 2005.

We should all be proud of this great achievement from the men and women who had vision in the past and the company who
provided the network, so that every Australian has access to a landline telephone and now its time to move on to the next stage
of the communications revolution, essentially the """""Light Revolution""""".

How is it?, I can inspire so many changes over the last 19 months, is this proposal what everybody wants or is it the ideas
they want?

If you accept the ideas then you must accept this proposal, this proposal will only work with one national carrier providing the infrastructure and intelligence to bring all this together to showcase to the world, in this new and exciting century,
where technological innovation will be the greatest advance of any other century in human history, towards the 21st century
we go with certainty.

I have been a bit slow getting more pages published, I have been listening for the right queue.

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