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                  Give both major parties a kick


Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise


Please address all correspondence to: Post Office Box 20

Horsley Park NSW 2164 Phone/Fax (02) 9620 1428

8 November 2001

Badgerys Creek - a kick at both major parties.

The Liberal Party have stated that they will legislate to prevent incompatible development in the area around the proposed Badgerys Creek airport site, preserve the site as an option for the future, and review their airports policy in 2005.

Particularly, it still remains Federal Labor party policy to build a second airport in the Sydney basin and Badgerys is the only place. We have a letter from Kim Beazley dated 28th Sept. 2001 where he berates the Liberal Party for not building it already.

The environmental impacts are unacceptable to the Sydney basin as a whole, particularly drinking water, air quality, and extraordinary risk to critical NSW supply infrastructure; clearly shown by the $21 million dollar EIS (we paid for) and which should have led to a final decision. As a community we've been fighting for 30 years, and still fighting.

- From a social and democratic point of view, the proposed airport is opposed (amongst others) by virtually every elected representative in Western Sydney, the State Labor Govt, the State Liberal Opposition, Young Labor, The Greens, The Democrats, One Nation, The Catholic Church, The Anglican Church, almost every NSW major environmental organisation, the Colong foundation, a multitude of community based organisations, all western Sydney councils except Liverpool, the (ex) Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Trust, the Teachers Federation, National Parks and Wildlife Service, 15,650 submissions (more than 99% against), hundreds of thousands of letters and petitions, and the Local Government Association representing some 5 1/4 million Australians - Greater than one quarter of the Australian Population!

- The Holsworthy option was dropped - so why is Badgerys still alive?

Mr Beazley, why won't you listen to the people of NSW, as well as your unions, NSW Labor State Government, Young Labor, and almost all NSW west Sydney Labor Federal Politicians, and the Local Govt Association?

If you profess, "you do listen" and do care, then PROVE IT, and drop Badgerys Creek.
Same to you Mr Howard!

How will the common Aussie ever win ANY rights for themselves if we can't even win this one?

What do we have to do to be able to get on with our lives?

We trust that the elected Federal Political Party will represent the people and not just the financial

Yours faithfully

Clr Peter Cork (Fairfield City Council)

Chairman; F.R.A.A.N.