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Here today - 13th of September 2005

New technologies for a new century, a new standard of communications for all Australian's.

A new way to compete, equally with no speed restrictions, the farmer, the butcher, the baker, the plumber,
the electrician, the banker, the corporate white collar worker, the politician, the policeman, all people working together over the same communications system, shaking hands equally, none disadvantaged, where they live, either by distance or social gathering.

So their children can be what they want to become, in a world that changes in technology terms, they will
go forward helping others to follow in new directions not yet identified.

They will credit their past leaders for their foresight, for making the right decision at the right time, instead of selling the public's communications infrastructure, they will have passed the baton for the young to hold, in the race for their future.

13th of September 2005.

If we sell off our national communications carrier who will provide the fibre optic network of the future?

In the US 200 towns had to pay for their own fibre optic network because private companies would not
install it.

Source Scientific American July 2005 page 15 under heading - Copper or Fibre