Australian Federal Election 2004
Election date is 9th of October 2004.

Political Polling Surveys

The polls are close this time and the vote can go either way as always.

The Federal Liberal Party is the only political party that still wants to build the Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Voters in Sydney's West need to make sure this Airport Proposal is dumped now
by voting for alternative political parties.

The Political Parties opposed to the Airport at this Badgerys Creek location are:

The Australian Labor Party

The Greens


Australian Electoral Commission List all States and Territories

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Western Australia


Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory

We the campaigners against Badgerys Creek Airport have never had any meaningful dialog with the Federal Liberal Party except
a request prior to the 1996 election - We asked for a full and independent E.I.S with an Independent Auditor.

Which we later received with much of the E.I.S. slanted towards construction of the Airport with dumbing down the huge environmental effects.

Methods to deal with negative perceptions.

Since gaining office in 1996 the Federal Liberals have shunned us, we anti airport campaigners like the plague. 

They sent a letter from the Federal Transport Department last year to the N.S.W. Government Planning Department asking that all proposed housing subdivisions around the airport not to be allowed to encroach the Airport site, because they had not decided which airport configuration would be built.

The Airport Location is full of environmental concerns, not yet looked at in the context of the E.I.S.

How can they build this monster?  Then thrust it on the innocence.

Please at this election, vote not only with your head but also your heart.

ADI Site

People fighting the ADI site know how they were lied to about full scientific studies into species on the site prior to sale - nothing was done as promised and the site sold in June this year.

Election 2004

This election seems to have a lot of dirty tricks emanating from one side, it shows a degree of desperation and the writing may well be on the wall for what will happen on voting day.

The dirty tricks continue until found out, by the media, then its all denial.

The people have had enough of this kind of manipulation, the desperados are about to suffer their comeuppance.

If a political party cannot play within the rules or laws without the dirty tricks how can they, govern the country?

People have had enough, we no longer know the truth as there is nothing but lies.

If we cannot trust our politicians then we must vote to get rid of them, if we thrust them aside like a discus thrower hurls a discus, we might get to the truth.

Electoral Bribery

The current controversy that an Independent M.P. was approached to NOT Stand again in his seat and was offered a diplomatic posting is an Electoral Bribe and must be fully investigated to the full extent of the Law.

Search for the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth.

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