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Business Portability with less cost

If you own a business, no need to buy new stationary after moving, many businesses have been penalised in the past, outlaying
for stationary, then having to throw business cards and letter heads away after moving premises.

A single business address is all that needs to be put in place, this could be covered by a VoIP Telephone number with voice announcement recording, giving the address with function repeat to make it easy to decipher and write down before it diverts to
the operator.

The office contact IP telephone number will be the most important business tool and will be portable within Australia or the
Oceanic region as other nations join.

Australian Internet GRID LAN Data Extensions Service

Corporate and business LAN Data Extensions service will only need one primary computer room over the Australian Internet GRID, this will allow centralised computer rooms to move out of the office and can be relocated to a remote location, this will also include, small offices as part of a national office network that can be connected to their head office and/or retail shops point of sale PC's (POS) becoming part of the business LAN structure for the first time.

This would free up some office space currently taken up by huge computer rooms in CBD buildings where rent is at a premium
and allow some of this space to be utilised or reduced as office space in some high rise buildings.

Retail and small offices would then have internal network e-mail service over the LAN with database connectivity over the external
LAN network live, over the same communications fibre optic backbone.

Current computer data communications are like two tin cans joined with a piece of string, the potential for fast LAN Ethernet
Cat6 is not there and will never be there over copper. 

25. The Australian Internet GRID will be a competitor for live broadcasts including - Live horse racing contracts, special events,
live news and VideoCam submissions from the public, permanently stationed videocams and security monitoring contracts.

For home and business surveillance which can be automatic detection via movement sensors and video movement technologies,
setting off alarms at a central control room with the new 64xIP channel video monitoring server system recently launched.
This system had a special video engine designed and developed to display all 64xIP channels on a single large screen monitor.

Security operator points and clicks mouse to display video at the location address.  

26. The Australian Internet GRID will coordinate emergency services with 3D location mapping and GPS coordinates which can
be sent to emergency service vehicles, to fix the wrong address problem and improve response times.


27. As the world reaches and exceeds peak oil, we will need a communications system that provides growth for all competing interests here in Australia, another reason to build a national fibre optic network backbone under this proposal.

Transport is likely to become very expensive and people like to see each other once in a while, this they can do with 2D/3D Video Calls over the Australian Internet Grid and vastly increased bandwidth with new Data services.
28.                                      final configuration of the Australian Internet Grid at future date after full construction
The Australian Internet Grid will have two structures in final stage
Domestic or International membership groupings
Membership of Domestic
Membership of International
Membership of Domestic and International

SEE version 4 page 4. Second Stage Domestic Service Construction to final completion.

One major advantage of these two structures is when a world wide virus strikes, the international component can be isolated from
the Domestic component, therefore saving users and business systems, another method is to reduce bandwidth on the
international structure, this can be reduced to slow any spread of viral contamination into the domestic network, something that
cannot be done at the moment on the "one structure Internet carrier platform" with all competitors operating independently.

On the two structured system, the "Domestic Structure" is spared and continues working until the virus alert is over.

From the control room

Virus alerts can be sent out over the entire network at once and notified over free to air television.
The virus problem will always cause chaos even with anti-virus software, as any new virus found is not built into the 
protection definitions software, it is only added to the anti-virus software after analyzing the virus for the cure or fix with patch.

Service with a smile, you want it when? That's Ok we'll be there and get it all sorted out for you, you are a valued member

All Internet users may have limited access to other functions of the "Australian Internet GRID" except the paid subscribers who
would have guaranteed access to the higher functions of the "Australian Internet GRID".

This is new age technology with fortunes to be made in the higher technologies that will be directly linked to our universities and
private research and development centres of excellence.

The open source community will also have a role to play in developing the software engines to drive the grid into the extreme,
computing power that will become available to the masses.

The Linux open source community (GPL) has been the driving force world wide to make computing available to everyone, to not only those who can afford to buy software, everyone can now participate in this world, provided they have a power point to plug their
computer in.

I have noticed the interest in GRID computing has taken off, with many Linux companies now either purchase targets or alliance
partners and I think this shift in thinking will bring a new revolution in computing and give the software developers an insight into
where their future focus may be.

Thanks to the many thousands of people who have seen this proposal including the Media, Computer Magazines and Federal Government members and some of the largest IT computer corporations in the world.

This information and graphics are my work, I expect the viewer to respect this work.

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