Campaign for Power Poles to be Banished
            from the Street Scape.

       The Australian Internet GRID

Installation of Australian Internet GRID fibre optic cables will require trenches for all services to be placed underground to fix the visual mess, all power distribution cables and other services including telephone, cable TV can be put underground at the same time.

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Power signs of the lines
The Daily Telegraph 29th of October 2003 page 20.

Currently there is a campaign by the Local Government and Shires Association in Sydney and a lobby group called Cables Downunder to place all cables underground.

A public education campaign with signs placed around some council areas, is part of the councils campaign, to lobby the state government.

It's the times of the signs
Hills News 21st of October 2003 page 5.

Some interesting statistics are mentioned in this article.

Pole related vehicle accidents cost approximately $250 million dollars per year - N.S.W.

The cost to bury cables.
Electricity bills would increase by 97 cents a week.
Car registrations $21 per year.

A previous estimate of time to bury all cables - 40 years.

The Sunday Telegraph 9th of November 2003 page 15.

Cost for undergrounding cables $3800 per household.

Power Poles

Last century, installation of electricity was facilitated by connection to over head power lines on poles, it was the cheapest method of installation and the quickest and visually repulsive.

New land release areas had to be poled and cabled then connection for new buildings or houses was easy as it was only a short overhead connection required and similar for telephone cables when the buildings were built.

For most of the early 19th century this was the only way as there were no suitable trenching machines, most trenches were dug by hand with pick and shovel and there were no suitable cables for underground power use manufactured.

Towards the end of last century, new earth digging machines were invented for trenching purposes including backhoes, bobcats, ditchwitches, hydrolic ram type conduit machines and tunnel boring machines.

High pressure water drills can also be used for trenching.

All new subdivisions in outer Sydney are now underground services "installed" including power, telephone,
cable TV, gas, water. (Cable TV since its introduction)

Some of the older underground areas built just prior to 1980 and beyond do not have cable television, all other services are underground.

We are talking about the older suburbs with services on power poles, placing all these services underground, sure the footpaths will need to be broken up and the concrete recycled, this is what we do as a civilisation we modernise and we improve things and it provides jobs.

Some of the footpaths could be replaced as part of the local councils maintenance schedule when cracked, broken or uneven surfaces raised by tree roots, undergound cables would then be installed in the same maintenance cycle, reducing overall costs.

Existing underground areas would be cheaper to cable for the Australian Internet GRID as all other services are in the ground and would cost less as it would only require one special work team. 

Towards the end of the 19th century to 2000

1800's Sydney has been replaced by the 1900's methods of doing things, we decided that some of the buildings were too important to demolish so we kept them intact, then there were buildings too old or impractical to provide new services within, so we kept the facade and knocked down the the building behind the facade and built a new building, the old street front was retained to preserve the look and heritage of the area.

We are now in the 20th century and we need to improve again, we need to modernise our telecommunications services for the 21st century and we need to underground all cables including electicity cables, telephone, with the installation of the "Australian Internet GRID".

The 21st century as we know, will not work with existing 19th century technology, telecommunications infrastructure.         

___________________________________Disclaimer for newspaper articles__________________________________________

The articles from the newspapers above are current news items for undergrounding all service cables in Sydney
Australia, they are quoted here for information purposes only.

The Local Government and Shires Campaign with Lobby Group Sydney Cables Downunder are not part of this proposal and are mentioned in newspaper articles only in respect of an current campaign for the purpose of placing all service cables underground in Sydney as is, their own campaign focus.

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