Western Sydney Dream
The Cumberland Plains Australian National Park
Alternative Proposal for the Badgerys Creek Site.

Western Sydney needs a dream, not a nightmare.

The site is 1770 ha of land that we, the community owns at Badgerys Creek that will create a multitude of jobs.

The type of thing that would give us, and all of Australia something to be proud of. (1770 ha-1770 the year that captain Cook landed here.)

Something to bring tourists and tourist dollars, and jobs.

Something to justify a north/south rail linkup, and the planned new roads.

A high Technology, Environmental and Education resource and research centre for all to use.

Whole sections of interactive learning puzzles for the young and adults alike including types of pollution produced by industry or other and methods to limit or eliminate this pollution.

Interactive nature /species, learning displays to show how vulnerable some species are to extinction in the wild with a focus on species already on the list and others that might be placed on the list in the decade ahead. (World & Australia) 

* A world renowned high technology tourist destination with working models of the earths history and evolution, featuring the past, the present and the future of planet earth.

* An information centre for World Heritage of the Blue Mountains National Park.

* A natural history museum annexed to the Australian Museum in College Street Sydney.

* A park to conserve remnant Australian flora & fauna, and a Jurassic Period forest of plants such as the newly discovered Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) and other rare and endangered Cumberland Woodland plants in Western Sydney already existing on this site.

* Site could have an annex to the University of Western Sydney.

* Dinosaur foot prints embedded in walking trails with plaques naming them.

* Holographic images of dinosaurs projected by laser on water mist amongst the trees triggered by infared switches as you approach along the track.

* Earth atmospheric science module on pollution and the causes of atmospheric pollution.

* Environmental cinema, based on the new, high definition large screen digital television technology about to be released, with a choice of thousands of environmental movies selected by touch screen menu.

(Will work similar to cable television from large computer room via fibre optic cables.)

* A link to the hubble telescope and other earth viewing satellites Australia receives these signals from various satellite dishes now.

* A chemical and environmental database, with computer aided design modelling and workstations for the professionals and public alike.
* Of course, an aboriginal history museum, art gallery, dance theatre for the public, and tourists, operated by local aboriginal tribes.

* Earth Sanctuary Inc. may be interested, for a fauna park on this site.

* New Function added today 28th of July 2003.

Australian Internet Grid

The internet is undergoing a revolution with a huge leap into the future when the "North American Grid" starts around 2010.

Basically it has new technology applied, the next generation of the Internet.

Massive high speed parallel processing networks that will allow huge processing power potential and speed for all users connected to the "Grid".

Massive parallel processing power available, for large scientific research projects into all kinds of diseases, cancer, astronomy and so on.

Users connect via new high speed broadband fibre optic cable and share processor time with research projects with huge speed gains.

Australia needs an "Internet Grid" of its own and could be built on the Badgerys Creek site as part of this proposal with electrical power supplied by the "Electricity Grid" at Horsley Park.

Telecommunications class - glass fibre cables could then be installed along the gas pipe route to Victoria and north into Queensland following the electricity grid, then onto the other states with "Grid" data centres for their states connections.   

A truly Australian Park, -an all Australian Park!

Thousands of people have seen this proposal now

Many people would like to work at this facility, when it is eventually built, retiring politicians should think about their legacy to the community that they serve if they want to be remembered for having environmental credentials and having a vision for future generations of Australian's.

Join Now

Welcome you are invited to become a lobbyist for this proposal which will involve broadcasting the benefits to Australia and the World this proposal will bring.

Governments World Wide lay claim to being Environmentally Friendly
but soon switch back when the spotlight of the media has gone to pro-development at the expense of the environment, this proposal will help to educate the people of the world what we are ultimately doing to this planet.

Please help the future generations who follow, to know the truth to make
informed decisions about their future.

Please consider joining this Homestead and being a member. 

Wollemi Pine News - 2005

The Wollemi Pine will be available commercially in 2005 for purchase.

There will be 2 forms of this cloned species available.

The first form clone has been taken from the tip of the plant and looks like the original form which is straight and upright.

The second form clone is taken from a side branch and is prostate (Prostate Form) which is low and flat sideways growth, similar to a ground cover type plant.    

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