Fairfield Residents Against Airport Noise

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27 February 2000

Does the left hand know where the right hand is? - Planning gone Amok.

A massive waste of public moneys will be committed, if the Federal Government should choose to go ahead with plans to build any airport at Badgerys Creek, even if this should be the "Baby Badgerys" option shown in the Sydney UBD street maps since 1997, essentially the southern runway of the option A/B alignment. Noisy babies always grow up.

It is well known that the ALP and the local business beneficiaries are in favour of the option A alignment of the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport. Mr Richardson has been often heard to comment that option A is the preferred option on his 2GB morning radio show. Could it be that this is because there is no North/South runway which would ruin the developers planned private high density industrial/urban city? See Environment Australia Assessment Report fig 7.6.

This is also the alignment that has been commonly promoted by the Federal Govt Dept of Transport, and the FAC, and has been provided by them as base map data for Sydney suburban street maps such as UBD, and Gregorys. Please see year 2000 UBD map 244 for confirmation.

The $45 million Olympic Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park is directly in line with the southern runways, and lies well within the high risk crash zones noted in the EIS Supplement, Vol 3, figs 16.1, 16.2.

In regard to the impact of aircraft noise on horse behaviour, we note the Daily Telegraph, Monday September 27, 1999 page 9 ;

"Jets screaming overhead for the rugby league grand final caused pandemonium at the modern pentathlon World Cup event yesterday, spooking the horses and leaving Italy's riding coach injured in the stampede. Competition in the riding section was temporarily halted as the jets roared over neighbouring Stadium Australia, scaring all 16 horses which broke loose in the rodeo ring"

As the Equestrian centre at Horsley Park is a specialist facility where high concentration horse skill events are to be conducted, and the location of this facility is in direct alignment to the proposed airport, this facility will be obviously rendered useless in the event that any airport were to be constructed at Badgerys Creek.

We note that the "Obstacle Limitation Surface Plan" provided in the EIS (Airplan figs 2.2, 2.7- ) clearly indicates that this alignment of airport would be essentially a one ended operational airport only, because of the constraints placed on it from the close proximity of the Blue Mountains to the South West. It would therefore be impossible to avoid the constant overflight of both landing and ascending aircraft over the Equestrian Centre.

Given that the Sydney International Three day equestrian event program (23 - 26 Sept, 1999) states that "Western Sydney Regional Parks is a magnificent recreation resource and will be managed and safeguarded for future generations to use and enjoy" this would seem to be a case of one hand not knowing what the other has done.... for this statement is plainly untrue - if an airport were to be built at Badgerys Creek.

Immediately behind the new Equestrian Centre is the remainder of the new multi million dollar, "Western Sydney Regional Park", which incorporates the new Olympic outdoor Cycle facility, as well as the equestrian Centre. Also the popular Fairfield City Farm.

Within several kilometres of the Badgerys Site, on the A/B alignment is the equally new $45 mill. Kemps Creek Olympic outdoor shotgun facility, also well within the EIS high risk crash zone earlier noted. It is patently obvious that this facility would also be rendered useless if an airport were to be built at Badgerys Creek, since it is highly unlikely that shooters would be allowed to discharge any firearm into the air, when aircraft would be only several hundred metres directly overhead. New high tech skeet triggering devices at the facility are voice activated - we need say no more.

Given that this alignment has been considered since at least 1985, we wonder why the State Government has built the noted facilities at their current locations when they would obviously be rendered useless in the future, and well over 150 million dollars of tax payers money wasted, if this (favoured) alignment of airport should be built at Badgerys Creek? More so, how is it that the Federal Government has also allowed this to happen?

Badgerys is more and more, becoming a classic example of how absolutely to get it wrong, from a planning point of view, a social point of view, and of a simple logic point of view - all so far at the taxpayers expense.

Could anyone be so silly as to allow this proposal to go any further down this manic path of waste? Enough is enough. No airport at Badgerys Creek.

Clr Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN

More info; see our FRAAN site at: www.homestead.com/badgerysacpnp/index.html