Children and Dinosaurs
The Cumberland Plains Australian National Park is for children and their children.

All over the world, children have a fascination with Dinosaurs, whether small plastic toys or colouring - in books.

Although they are not real or living anymore, because they suffered an immense cataclysm of their time, their world suddenly changed, dramatically, they were consigned to extinction 65 million years ago.

There is a lesson to be learned here, our world could change again, another cycle of mass extinction, a cosmic visitor on a trajectory for earth.

Young children believe Dinosaurs are real, but they are only real, in their immagination and immagination is a dream in an evolving mind.

Children must be prepared for the future, they must also look at the past and that is the purpose of the Cumberland Plains Australian National Park.

The Natural History Museum, would be possibly the largest in the world, building size would be equivalent to Darling Harbour in Sydney or even larger depending on the exhibits.

The Natural History Museum will have working models of the earths processes including :
The Land - Geology - Geological Processes - Pollution.
The Sea - Ocean Dynamics - Ocean Processes - Pollution - El-Nino.
The Air - The Atmosphere - Atmospheric Processes / Ozone Depletion - Pollution - Global Warming.

Humans cannot go to the stars until they understand their own earth, and fix it now, otherwise, new pristine environments found in space will suffer the same lack of knowledge, environmental decline.

By 2020 humans plan a manned mission to visit Mars. (USA)

There will be interactive models for displaying visually, what happens if balance is changed within eco systems?

What is happening in our world today? people need to know.

So many people don't understand the jargon, technically, they are confused, they mix up global warming with increased skin cancer, when in fact its the depleted ozone layer causing the increased skin cancer with increasing Ultra-Violet radiation levels. 

People older than children, think its the children who should fix the problems, they can't see that they should make the necessary changes or don't want to.

Public surveys only show the ignorance within the population, surveys will never fix the problem.

The Cumberland Plains Australian National Park will be unlike any other Education Facility in the world, where people will want to return to learn and contribute ideas for enhancing the information on offer.

A direct spinoff will be an interactive multi - media publication based on either the DVD 17 Gigabyte format or the new translucent CD format which can store a whopping 140 Gigabyte on same size CD with scope to One Terrabyte (1000 Gigabyte) on larger disc format for world sale and other muti-media products that rival the pillars of the multi-media world today.

The new Translucent format is given the name of FMD-ROM.