Badgerys Creek Airport

Badgerys Creek was never about an airport, the airport idea was an excuse to develop all the flat land around the site for industrial purposes.

Badgerys Creek Airport needs a full and frank "Royal Commission" while ever the site is held long term by the federal government and debate about the whole proposal is held in check with "Methods to Deal with Negative Perceptions" the original perpetrators are getting away and the trail is getting cold.

No doubt the viewer is aware that a airport needs all kinds of infrastructure that would support it, like truck transport and storage, roads, railway and a myriad of support industries that would need to be situated in the vicinity, take a look around Kingsford Smith Airport and you will get an appreciation of what it would look like, endless concrete.

The final report from the Auditor of the E.I.S. showed the airport site is too close, to the base of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Park.
The planes cannot take off fully to the west because there is a mountain top in the way, in fact they would take off and turn
back east over the Sydney Basin.

This is based on Options A & B.

So an aircraft wanting to land, comes in from the east, to land pointing west, would take off west, then turn southerly and head east over the population in the Sydney Basin.

Most traffic would end up using the eastern end, for landing and take offs, creating a nightmare for people in Blacktown, Fairfield, Parramatta in N.S.W.

Liverpool Council was smart, most of the aircraft noise problem would be outside their council area.

This council is now sacked.

Most of the Politicians involved in supporting this airport are only able to grasp 2 Dimensions  or (too dim)
they cannot see a 3 Dimensional problem with the $dollar signs scattering their view.