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                                                                    Australian Internet "Grid" -  Copyright: 13th of August 2003.      Ken Lawson                                                                                                                       
                         Australian Internet "GRID"
                                 """""""Light Revolution"""""""

The internet is undergoing a revolution with a massive leap into the future when the "North American Grid" starts around 2010.

Basically it has new applied technology, it is the next generation of the Internet.

Massive high speed parallel processing networks that will allow huge processing power and speed potential for all users connected to the "Grid".

Immense parallel processing power available for large scientific research projects into all kinds of diseases, cancer, astronomy and so on.

Users connect via new high speed broadband fibre optic cable and share processor time with research projects, with huge speed gains.

Australia needs an "Internet Grid" of its own.
This could be built on the Badgerys Creek site as part of this proposal with electrical power supplied by the "Electricity Supply Substation" at Horsley Park.

Telecommunications class - glass fibre cables could then be installed along the gas pipe route to Victoria and north into Queensland, following the electricity grid, then onto the other states with "Grid" data centres for their states connections.   

1. Cost effective, alternative huge computing power, determined by number of users connected - instead of dedicated super computer used by single institution.

2. "Grid" will allow the move from 32 bit processors to the new 64 bit processor technology.

3. The "Grid" will allow the move to new 3D technologies with the new 3D monitors being developed for release in the next decade.

Telecommunications Technical Revolution

4. The "Grid" will introduce end to end optical fibre connections to homes and businesses large and small, a complete upgrade of the telecommunications cable infrastructure from the old copper network we now endure with buggy and obsolete copper communications interfaces.

5. The "Grid" will help to finally put all cables underground including power, cable TV, telephone and rid our streets of those ugly and dangerous power poles, the cause of many horrific car accidents.

6. The "Grid" will bring convergance between internet and digital television, live news reporting can be transmitted or uploaded via point to point internet software to the television stations without any loss of picture quality.

7. Content for digital television will be able to be sourced from the "Grid" allowing new industries to be created in digital arts and animation and virtual movie making and Digital 3D TV.

Graphic artists will be able to work collectively on large multi-media projects from many locations around Australia within the "Grid" system.

8. Doctors and specialists operating in hospitals will be able to enhance their visual video conference facilities away from the problematic copper telephone network and relieve them of the many fault areas in current technology including - ISDN, ADSL broadband, Cable / coaxial broadband.

The current copper telephone - data system has many areas where faults can occur.

A) Exchange equipment.
B) Cable and connections.
D) Pair Gain.

Copper telephone system can remain as backup for voice communications and maintained. 

End to end fibre optic cabling will be more efficient, less faults and faults fixed quicker and services restored faster, hospitals could have backup systems built in with re-routing of services via software.

9. Existing internet structure via current telephone network will still remain viable for existing computer based communications and e-mail allowing sending and receiving or downloading-

No e-mail downloading services would be allowed on the "GRID".

The current E-Mail structure should remain where it is, as it is the constant source of viruses and hack attacks and junk mail.

The "GRID" will force all existing commercial ISP's to scan incoming mail for viruses and trojan spyware for the cost of providing the account.

10. The "GRID" will have e-mail sending but the sending will be done from web page forms on the web pages or from links leading to a web page form.

Mail will be sent via the site owners, provided server scripts, only from the "GRID".

11. The "GRID" will be a totally independent network with stricter controls on content and services.

Web pages will have to confirm to integrity checks, standards and content and display authorisation seals of approval with virus tests of all files for download.

Web sites will be controlled in size and bandwidth on download to allow maximum bandwidth of the "GRID".

The "GRID" will be a secure network with intelligence behind a stealth curtain hardware firewall with   automatic server assigned random IP addresses to prevent hacking attempts.

Hacking attempts will reload a new IP address without loss of page connection.

12. Users of the "GRID" will have to have hardware dongles or USB keys encoded and encrypted to allow access to services.

Dongle or USB key in the back of the computer and one connected to the fibre optic interface to compare both keys, memory must be hardware locked.

These keys will allow minimal setup of the users computer.

The keys will be encoded when service is initialised by a governing authority in each state.

Users of the current internet will be able to access "GRID" services via spare bandwidth allocated by a central governing bandwidth traffic meter - control computer.

13. Users of the "GRID" will allow their spare processor time to be used co-operatively by scientific research facilities while connected and using the "GRID".

All "GRID" software and services based on 64 bit technology will have "GRID" software engines as a requirement for connection and sharing of spare processor time.

Current software, including internet browsing will not work when directly connected to the "GRID".

Software will have to confirm to "GRID Enabled" logo to allow maximum use of the "GRID".

14. Users of the "GRID" will be able to sign up for point to point video feeds and digital interactive movies.

The user will have choices on content required and subscribe via 64 bit IP address for their fibre service.

Services on the "GRID" will be partitioned, requiring access authorisation by payment.

The "GRID" will be totally independent of the internet.

All hosting of services on the "GRID" will be contained within and on the "GRID".

This will ensure financial integrity of the "Australian Internet GRID" in its structural building years.   

Over time the "Australian Internet GRID" will grow into Australia's premier Super Computer.

15. The "Australian Internet GRID" will take advantage of new emerging technologies.

Nano Technologies and associated embedded technologies.
Photonics and industrial applications.
Cancer Research.
Geography and mapping in 3D.
3D simulations and movies.
Physics and Astro Physics.
Fusion Power Research.
Quantum Computing.
Global warming research to find cures for current scenarios.
Defence Systems and simulators.

16. The "GRID" will initially be built around available technologies until Quantum Computers become available, then the "GRID" will be upgraded to Quantum Computing as the central core "GRID" structure.

17. Voice over IP will be handled by a separate network of computers. (Internet Telephone) 

18. The optical fibre cable roll - out for domestic addresses.

2x glass fibres for independent computer channels for "GRID" use.
1x glass fibre for IP dedicated  internet phone, fax.
1x glass fibre for PAY Television.
2x Spare glass fibres for future use, security over IP or other, including PtoP Games.

19. Businesses medium and large, corporate -
Requirements will be determined on individual needs basis plus spare capacity for future growth.

20. Small business will be offered a basic services fibre capacity similar to residential.

21. Business or pleasure with download speeds exceeding 50 megabytes per second allowing video streaming and virtual "GRID" shopping centres.

Other points to be added.    

The Australian Internet Grid will become the hub of the "Oceanic region" including what is called the economic region - The Oceanic Pacific Block.

The Grid will stimulate investment in the Information Technology Arena with investment from research funds into new technology in all areas of the economy in Australia.

The Grid will also bring new revenue into Australia from users in the Oceanic region and possibly Europe as they will find it a better alternative security arrangement.

Users would have to become members to use subscription services on the grid.

All internet users may have limited access to other functions of the "GRID" except the paid subscribers who would have guaranteed access to the higher functions of the "GRID".

This is new age technology with fortunes to be made in the higher technologies that will be directly linked to our universities and private research and development centres of excellence.

The open source community will also have a role to play in developing the software engines to drive the grid into the extreme, computing power that will become available to the masses.

Ken Lawson 

This page is Copyright © 2003 - 2005 Ken Lawson
      All rights reserved.
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form is strictly forbidden without prior written consent
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Australian Internet Grid