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10 August 2000

The ALP conference in Hobart, Tasmania, voted to oppose the new Lucas Heights Atomic Reactor on Monday, July 31st.

The ALP conference did not even discuss the issue of the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport, let alone vote on it. We regard this as the absolute height of hypocrisy. As happened at the ALP conference at Sydney Town Hall, 1997 the issue was apparently buried again by Mr Beazley at this most recent conference. The ALP vigorously opposed the Holsworthy Airport proposal even to the point of distributing flyers with the ALP logo clearly on them.

Virtually all Western Sydney ALP Federal and State Members publicly pledge total opposition to the Badgerys Creek proposal, and continue to point score against the Liberal Government ad-nauseam, meanwhile it remains Federal ALP policy to construct an 2nd international airport in the Sydney basin, presumably at Badgerys Creek.

This was Mr Beazley's only statement on the issue at the conference (Daily Telegraph, 3rd August, 2000) where he also indicated he would even go so far as to scuttle the fast train project, before it got off the ground. Such is his apparent greed for an airport at Badgerys Creek, and the high density ghetto that would go with it. This too, makes a nonsense of the ALP's promise to deliver services and growth to rural NSW, since they will not countenance the Parkes airport proposal, and the Newcastle proposal - both of which Premier Carr has said emphatically that his Government would support because of the service they would deliver, and the genuine growth it would create.

Mr Beazley, the answer is simple. The EIS clearly showed that YOUR airport at Badgerys Creek is unworkable, and would have unacceptable impacts on the environment and the people. The people not only of Western Sydney, but of the State of NSW, including the ALP State Government, do not want an airport at Badgerys Creek - of any kind, neither does the aviation industry. 16,560 submissions to the EIS, the greatest response in Australia's history; - less than 1% for the proposal, 99% against. Please listen to the people, the professionals, and your own party members.

We are all saying; NO AIRPORT AT BADGERYS CREEK. - Please listen.

Clr Peter Cork

Chairman: FRAAN