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2000 OLYMPICS          
Tourists for the Olympics
Australia has introduced a 10% Consumption TAX
called the GST Tax in time for the 2000 Olympics which you will now have to factor into your expenditure estimate for your trip.
GST Law 1st July 2000

Computer fails in Sydney air traffic crisis
The Daily Telegraph 26th of July 2000 page 9

A computer link went down from Melbourne and caused 6 aircraft wanting to take off to wait 10 minutes for the system to come back on.

The link had gone down twice this year an does not effect landing aircraft but causes a delay for aircraft taking off.

Air Controllers: we're fatigued and its serious
The Sydney Morning Herald July 28th 2000 page 6

Air traffic controllers are warning Air Services Australia that they are suffering from change fatigue and low moral on the eve of the busiest period of aviation in
Australian history.

Net paedophile alert
The Daily Telegraph 28th of July 2000 page 25

Australia - A destination for the Olympics may be attracting paedophiles.
the article states that American paedophiles think Australia as a hick country to be exploited and the Olympics had increased Australia's profile.

An internet site decribes the Gold Coast in Queensland as "boy love heaven".

Would you settle for a long stint in jail instead.  

Sydney Airport
Airport in blackout crisis - thursday night 6th of July 2000
Sydney Morning Herald front page 7th of July 2000

Sydney Airport better known locally as Kingsford Smith Airport  suffered a blackout of its aircraft control tower with loss of radio and radar for an estimated 15 minutes with about 20 aircraft in the air that had to form a holding pattern in a peak time period with 1000 people on domestic and international flights.

Sydney airport radar has a radius of 45 nautical miles out from the airport.  

So far the cause of this blackout has not been established and is still under investigation at the time of this news update 10th of July 2000.

Three cheers for the pilots - hip hip horay.

Homebush Sydney Australia, Sunday 26th of September an Italian Coach was trampled by horses when F/A 18 Hornet Jet Fighters, did a fly-over the Olympic Stadium for the Australian Rugby League Grand Final.

Nearby the modern pentathlon World Cup event was happening, 16 horses stampeded, injuring the Italian Coach, the Coach is believed to have a broken collar bone.

Source - The Daily Telegraph Monday 27 of September 1999.

If the Badgerys Creek Airport was operational right Now 1999, the Olympic Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park would be a Gold Medal Liability for the competitors.

Horse Riders would be bucked off their mounts and horses stampede as Jumbo Jets go screaming over their heads, spooking the horses senseless.

By the way the Equestrian Centre dubbed the the best in the world, happens to be in the HIGH INCIDENCE CRASH ZONE, if the Badgerys Creek Airport was to proceed. 

"The High Incidence Crash Zone is a statistical area through-out the World where up to 80% of all Aircraft crashes occur on approach or take off from an airport."

The N.S.W. Government
10th January 2000 Telegraph page5
Declared all litter bugs > PIGS

On the spot fines of $750.00 for anyone caught dropping litter to help clean up Sydney and all Suburbs and Beaches before the Olympics.

Litter has become a problem for the throw away society as tonnes of the stuff choke up the rivers and towns.

Council Rangers will levy the fines so beware of those hamburger wrappers and milk shake containers and other rubbish!